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WE NOW HAVE GROOMING!! Paige Graye, our certified groomer, is accepting new clients.

Benefits of Cat Grooming

Did you know that cats don’t actually clean themselves? Cats are naturally oily creatures and can enjoy the benefits of regular grooming, which can help mitigate…

  • Shedding
  • Matting
  • Ingrown nails
  • Hairballs
  • Grease build-up
  • Allergies
  • Dandruff

Regular grooming can also help improve your cat's overall health and well-being!

Did you know: long-haired cats are not the only cats that benefit from a regular grooming schedule? While not as common, short-haired cats can become matted and have other issues that can be alleviated by a consistent grooming schedule.

Cats mat. It is a fact. Whether long hair or short hair, purebred or domestic, they can get matted over time. While sometimes regular combing will help prevent or slow down the mats, the best defense is a good degreasing bath and blow dry! This is where a professional cat groomer can help!

First! What causes matting?

Cats are naturally oily creatures. Their skin produces oil that spreads throughout the coat over time, some cats are greasier than others and some become greasier with time, just like how every person is different, so is every cat, especially if they have certain health issues.

Cats naturally shed. This is true regardless of coat length or breed. In fact, short hair cats can usually shed more than long hair breeds. As the hair sheds, the greasiness of the coat makes it gummy enough to cause some of the shedding hair to get stuck in the coat. This, in turn, creates a small tangle. Usually, these small tangles are imperceptible to the eye and are hidden in the coat, making them easy to miss when petting or combing the cat, but they can spread like wildfire! Creating a May! Several mats can form at one time, in various places on a cat's body. Eventually, if left to themselves, these mats will come together to create one giant mat or pelt. The pelt also begins to pull closer to the skin at this point. If too much time goes by before it is removed, the pelt will be so close to the skin that sores can develop underneath, which can even lead to infections.

Starting fresh and then working to prevent your cat's coat from matting in the future is the best way to keep your kitty looking and feeling their best!

Meet Your Groomer

While Paige has spent nearly her entire adult life working with all sorts of animals, her passion lies most with those of the feline persuasion. Paige is an internationally recognized Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG) and has been for several years. Earning a CFMG credential requires an expert understanding of feline theory and its practical application in assessment, handling, bathing, and clipping, as well as behavioral and medical knowledge.

Through her expertise, Paige is able to work with cats of various backgrounds and temperaments. Her training allows her to handle each cat as an individual and tailor her approach based on what each individual cat needs. She prides herself in her ability to recognize and counteract feline stress responses and has even been able to wean cats off of heavy sedation that had been required for grooming for years.