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Who Was St. Julian

Who is St. Julian anyway?

St. Julian of Norwich (Episcopal) was a 14th Century mystic and writer. She wrote one of the first books (Revelations of Divine Love, or Shewings) in English by a woman. She was deeply religious and in later life became an anchoress at a church in Norwich, England (see below), from which she gets her name. As an anchoress, she lived in a cell attached to the church. Her cell had one window open to the church, one window open to a garden, and one window open to the street, where she was highly sought out for advice. The only creature she could have in the cell with her was a cat. Therefore she is often shown in icons, and the famous window in Norwich Cathedral, with her cat. For this reason she has been chosen as the namesake of this hospital where we care for cats and their owners.

“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well."
-St. Julian of Norwich 

Where St. Julian stayed within the church.